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about me

Height: 5"9'   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Gay, Non-Binary, Mixed Ethnicity(Guatemalan and Jewish)

Instagram @Rosay.everyday

I'm a curious person who likes to work on projects that question the norms of our society. I am the type of artist that does not limit myself to one medium and I always get the job done.  I've produced festivals with 50+ shows. I have a killer lipsync when in Drag. And I am an adequate juggler. 

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Education and Training


John Rosenfeld Studio (2019-2021)


Yogamazé, 300hr Teacher Training Certification (2018-2019)

California Institute of the Arts, BFA Acting (2014-2018)

Yogamazé, 200hr Teacher Training Certification (2015)


John Rosenfeld Studio(2019-2021)

  • Toolshop: Carrie-Lynn Neales

Calarts BFA (2014-2018):

  • Acting: Roger Guenveur Smith, Daniel Passer, Marissa Chibas, Elaine Tse, Mary Lou Rosato, Andrea Leblanc

  • On-camera acting: Chi-Wang Yang, Daniel Passer, Zoe Aja Moore

  • Voice: Rafael Lopez-Barrantes, Fran Bennett, Heidi Scheller, Adam Smith

  • Speech/Dialect: Pamela Vanderway, Cynthia Blaise, Deborah Ross-Sullivan, Jenny Greer

  • Movement/stage combat/clowning: Daniel Passer, Anthony Nikolchev, Stacy Dawson Stearns, Marvin Tunney, Babette Markus, Steve Rankin, Heather Ehlers, Sherry Tschernisch

  • Shadow puppetry: Janie Geiser


Clown Intensive Workshop(2017):

  • Aitor Basauri


Acrobatics of the Heart, performer training workshop (2017):

  • Stephen Wangh, Erica Fae, Wendy Vanden Heuvel, Raina Von Waldenburg


Upright Citizens Brigade(2017):

  • Marcy Jarreau



  • Noah Mazé, Nichol Chase, Rocky Heron, Paula Sauer, Jen Mullholand


Berridge Conservatory(2011-2013):

  • On Camera: Greg Ainsworth, Kristy Hasen,

  • Shakespeare: Dan Milne, Simon Purse

  • Acting: Duane Daniels, Emily Firth Dwyer

  • Filmmaking: Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Performance Experience

Acting: Theatre

  • N’Pok (Star Trek Discovery: Premiere) Little Cinema Productions, 2021

  • Aria (Nutcracker Cocktail Fetê) DTLA, 2019

  • Rosay (Haus of Creep) DTLA, 2019

  • March Hare (Madhatter's Gin and Tea Party) Hollywood, CA 2019

  • Hedda Hopper (Scarlet Fever) Broadwater, CA 2019

  • Queen Rosay (Red and Boiling) Edinburgh Fringe, UK (2018); Highways Performance Space, CA (2019)

  • Caja #19 (Durango66) REDCAT, CA (2018)

  • King Dovre (Peer/Gynt) CalArts, CA (2017)

  • Pepín (Dreamlandia) CalArts, CA (2016)

  • El Niño (Canción De Quetzal) CalArts New Works Festival, CA (2016)

  • Philostrate (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) CalArts, CA (2016)

  • Little Girl (Beneath The Juniper Tree) CalArts, CA (2015)

  • Young Boy (A Collection of thoughts about G*D and a lack thereof) CalArts New Works Festival, CA (2015)

  • Matt (The Wrestling Season) T4SC, Miami Country Day School, FL (2013)

  • Pippin (Pippin) Miami Country Day School, FL (2013)

  • Jonas (The Giver) T4SC, Miami Country Day School, FL (2012)

  • William Barfeé (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) Miami Country Day School, FL (2012)

  • Facebook Bully (The Cycle) Miami Country Day School, FL (2012)

  • Jeff (The Room) T4SC, Miami Country Day School, FL (2011)

  • Linus (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown) Miami Country Day School, FL (2011)



  • Boo, Bitch!, Netflix, Kimberly McCullough (2021)

  • T, Secretly Famous Productions, Lane Stanely (2021-2022)

  • [THEIR] Story, Web series, Yasmin Ghasiri/Dustin Bayers (2020)

  • Voodoo Macbeth, Feature Film, USC Film school(2018)

  • Liminal, Music Video, Afagh Irandoost (2017)

  • The Distance is Beautiful, Short, Lola Gonzalez (2017)

  • Cricket Stix, Short, Joshua Rivas (2013)


  • Piercing Pagoda, Print/Video (2020)

  • TikTok, Print, (2019)

  • Chappy, Ad, Jennifer Lynn (2018)


  • Co-director, and shadow designer Red and Boiling, REDCAT Open Studio Series (2017), California Institute of the Arts Winterlab (in production)

  • Co-director, Attica, California Institute of the Arts New Works Festival(2017)

  • Director, Canción De Quetzal, California Institute of the Arts New Works Festival(2016)

  • Co-director, Familia Elefante,  California Institute of the Arts New Works Festival(2015)

  • Director and writer, Fleur Grise, Berridge Conservatory, Short Film (2013)

  • Director and writer, Cricket Stix, Berridge Conversavory, Short Film (2013)

  • Director and writer, Action Figures, Berridge Conservatory, Movement Piece(2012)

Drag / Performance Art

  • Drag queen performer (Macabaret Variety Show), The Three Clubs, CA (2017)

  • Drag queen performer (Macabaret: Hell Froze Over), The Three Clubs, CA (2017)

  • Drag queen performer (Let’s Have a KIKI), Calarts, CA (2017)

  • Drag queen performer (Liminal), Bombay Beach, CA (2017)

  • Performer (The Distance is Beautiful), FLAX Foundation, CA 2017

  • Drag queen performer (DRAG BALL), CalArts, CA (2017)


  • Producer, California Institute of the Arts New Works Festival (2016 -2017)

  • Producer, Attica (2017)

  • Producer, Canción De Quetzal (2016)

Special Skills

Special Skills

Juggling, Yoga, Drag Queen Makeup, Shadow Puppetry, Guitar, Lip Syncing


English(fluent), Spanish(Intermediate)

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